COMPLEX PLACESSTATIONS, Sofia Duchovny, Michael Kleine

Title: Complex Places
Authors: STATIONS, Sofia Duchovny, Michael Kleine
Date: 2023
Edition of 20 silkscreen t-shirts
on the occasion of the exhibition COMPLEX PLACES
with Sofia Duchovny & Michael Kleine
curated by STATIONS

size S M L XL

COMPLEX PLACES opens a new programming vector for Sismógrafo. Every two years, we will establish a dialogue with an international space that will take the form of exhibitions, held either at Sismógrafo or at the gest collective’s home. It is in this context that we welcome STATIONS, a Berlin-based project founded by Melissa Canbaz and Mihaela Chiriac. In 2024, it will be Sismógrafo's turn to travel to Berlin.