Fri, 1 Jul 2022

During the exhibition Empire 2020, by Invernomuto, and in line with their project Black Med, Pulso na Voz will explore subcultural universes, emphasizing oral practice, the sonic traces of memory, promoting a fertile crossing, through which all these cultural fragments are revitalized. In this activity, Mariana Camacho will invite participants to explore sonic layers with a loop machine that allows them to extend in time. Exploring each one's sound and cultural memories, we will address the pulse, the present body, everything that pulsates in us. After the activity, Mariana Camacho will present a concert where songs about life, work, land-related pasts, and migrations will be relived; symbols of strength and resistance that we have inherited from our ancestors, also featuring the screening of excerpts from films selected by Mariana Camacho and Filipe Ferraz.

Mariana Camacho (Funchal, 1993) moves between genres, driven by the urge to explore all possible ways of making music, provided they bring her joy and something new to discover. Besides her solo work, she has been collaborating with different projects, among which are the Gulbenkian Choir, EthnoPortugal, Punk d'Amour, TochaPestana, Mutrama, Ela é Uma Banda, Amélia Muge, Madeira Jazz Collective, Guarda-Rios, and Beato. In the intersection with the performing arts, she has worked with Hotel Europa, Artistas Unidos, Grupo Dançando com a Diferença, New Maker Ensemble, In Limen, and Rita Vilhena.


  • Casa das Artes

Fri, 1 Jul 2022

with Mariana Camacho

Friday, 1 July 2022
17:00–20:00 (Activity)
21:30–22:30 (Concert)

Casa das Artes
Rua Ruben A, 210. Porto
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Free participation
Limited capacity